Previti Lies About the Village District and Parking Lots





Previti's Refusal to Debate and Why Toughness Matters





Concerned about Development in Washington?





Are we doing "Back door land deals?"


Land Deals



My fight against Macomb County corruption





Fall in love with Our Town again


Our Town Video



See the Washington "Report Card" Video


Report Card



Previti Lies About "Rodeo Clowns" and Total Soccer


Rodeo Clowns and Total Soccer



How our water storage facility is paying off for YOU


Water Storage



Our accomplishments for YOU





You are SAFE in Our Town





Speech on Community Center and Total Sports Purchase at the 1 hour 30 minute mark:


Community Center Speech



Speech on My Undercover Role in the FBI Probe at the 8 minute mark:


FBI Probe




O'Leary Credited in Federal Corruption Probe



Fire Station Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


We built a badly needed fire station, brining it in under budget and on time - in fact the first in the nation to be completed under the grant program we participated in.  View the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new fire station at .



Fire Station Ground Breaking Ceremony


It was an exciting day when we broke ground on our new facility.  See the ground breaking ceremony and the incredible support we had from great people to get the job done.