My Role in Fighting Corruption and the Assault It Has Brought on My Reputation



Speech Regarding My Undercover Role




From late 2015 I have been under attack by a small but vicious group of unethical people.  The reasons for the attack had to be kept quiet until the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced my unusual role as an informant in the Macomb County corruption investigation.  Since the Federal Corruption probe has finally become public, I can at least explain the cause at a high level. 


As a witness in the massive probe, I cannot elaborate on my work with federal investigators other than to say my involvement was VOLUNTARY and spanned YEARS beginning just prior to my taking office in 2008.  For now, read this quote from the Detroit Free Press 5/30/17:  In a rare move, the U.S. Attorney's Office revealed the whistleblower in the Federal corruption case – ‘The United States Attorney's Office and the FBI wish to acknowledge the extraordinary assistance of Washington Township Supervisor Daniel O'Leary, who brought the criminal conduct to the attention of federal law enforcement and has been a valuable asset to the investigation since its inception.’”  


My unwillingness to conform to the corrupt county culture has caused vicious attacks on my reputation by those who felt I was “in the way”.  A developer crony of a sleazy politician was sent to me by the politician to warn me long before the 2016 election “We’re gonna take you out.  We will isolate you.  You won’t have a reputation when we are done with you.  We will throw every dime we have against you.  When we are done, no one will have anything to do with you.“ 


Another Macomb County power player was asked by a mutual friend why I was under attack.  He confided that "O'Leary is in the way.  He is bad for business.  They (the sleazy County politician and his developer friend) feel there is a lot of money to be made in Washington and he is in the way.  If we don't take him out in the election, we will get him out some other way."


A township supervisor in a neighboring community confided "You have pissed off the two most powerful people in the County.  The word has gone out that NONE of us (politicians) are to have anything to do with you unless we want to go down too.  Even your friends are gonna turn on you to win their favor, but not me bud.  Just lay low and you will make it out okay."


The two men pulled together two prominent local Romeo area people and asked them to gather up and organize everyone in the community who might have an interest in knocking me out of office.  The two instigators and two local “conspirators” organized a group of reprehensible and unethical people, who then spread misinformation and rumors, often on social media, to tear down my credibility.  Their stooges attacked anonymously through fake names on social media or by using some local antagonists as their front people.  They would post slanderous things on line but cowardly block me from seeing the information so that it would go unchallenged. They followed me around and even followed my support team around.  It became a safety concern.


They pulled together political candidates who masqueraded as Republicans in an attempt to knock me out of office.  Certain political campaigns were illegally funded in violation of campaign finance laws to advance their cause including payments to a local newspaper by one of the 4 conspirators on behalf of certain candidates.


They attacked me, my sons and their girlfriends, my ex-wife, board members and employees and even a charity I was associated with.   They attacked Washington Township itself.  Their lies did have an impact.  But they were unsuccesful in knocking me out of office.


Long after the 2016 election was over, they continue to wage war, attempting to destroy my reputation.  They pulled together five wealthy persons who privately begged an employee to file suit against me and the township, offering to fund the entire effort.  For a while they planned a recall and even set up a PAC to fund their effort.  They recruited a local business owner to run against me.  They promoted his business all over Facebook and attempted to get him named to the Zoning Board of Appeals to commence his political career.  They suddenly acted like they were against the man once they learned he had multiple felony complaints against him for allegedly cheating many customers out of thousands of dollars. 


Their lies continue, even to the point of twisting the Federal investigation.  These miscreants now portray the effort that I am most proud of, and for which my loved ones bore substantial risk, as if I am the target despite the Feds repeatedly thanking me for my assistance! 


Control of information has been key to this small group of conspirators.  A newspaper was first courted by them, then harassed once it chose to be neutral.  The 4 conspirators did not want it to print anything that might place me or Washington in a positive light.  Then they threatened to make all advertisers pull their ads if the paper didn't get in line.  It wasn't the only business threatened.  There were others.  One farmer was told "We hate to see you be forced out of business after all these years."  They sent out communications purporting to be from me that were offensive and fabricated in order to damage my reputation.  Such mafia style tactics have been used by this group for several years against local businesses, politicians, charities and their employees if they associate with me.


To further control the flow of information, they used multiple social media pages to spread misinformation.  They blocked posts with alternative views.  They created false profiles to contribute to conversations in order to make it appear as if a groundswell of opposition was brewing. Then they attacked WBRW, the local cable studio (a source of information that had to be controlled).  There is much to that story that will be told in the future.


The lies they told cannot be numbered.  Here are some of them:


1. That I take bribes and am a TARGET of the Fed investigation rather than a voluntary informant.  Hint: the Feds don't issue press releases thanking targets. 


2. That I somehow conspired to fix my last election.


3. That I am responsible for the death of a local woman.


4. That I am responsible for the death of one of my employees.


5. That I get a piece of every land sale or home built in the town.


6. That I am a sexual predator.


7. That I own a piece of multiple businesses in town and therefore benefit from any relationship the township had with them (Brown Iron Brewery, Art and Jakes, Total Soccer, etc).


8. That I or my ex wife sold land to Total Soccer for their complex and benefited from the zoning.


9. That I or my ex wife sold land to the township for the sewer facility.


10. That I or my ex wife sold land to Meijer for their new facility.


11. That my adult sons were harrassing my opponents.


12. That I brandish my firearm in meetings with residents.


13. That I denied benefits to veterans.


14. That I forced out board members Art Grimes and Harold Miller.


15. That Trustee Art Grimes threatened to kill attendees at a board meeting.


16. That my appointees were criminals, hoarders, etc.


17. That I drive drunk (they tried to follow me repeatedly - apparently they failed to prove their lie).


18. That I own the Romeo Record Newspaper and control the news.


19. That I stalk and intimidate people.


20. That we harassed a critic by disapproving her sidewalk construction (the disapproval occurred one year PRIOR to her criticism of me.


21. That I have had sexual relationships with...(insert multiple names here).


22. That I misuse township funds.


23. That I am a socio path. 


24. That I am constantly changing the township zoning to benefit my "friends".


25. That my opponent in the last election was a Republican (she left the party affiliation line blank on her campaign formation document, voted in the Democratic primary for Bernie Sanders and was listed on the GOP database as a weak Democrat).


26. That my opponent in the 2016 election was on the Planning Commission (she was not). 


27. That I did things to destroy the environment on the north end of town for my own benefit and hid violations of State law for 2 years.


28. That my opponent in the 2016 election was responsible for stopping a composting facility when in fact it was an effort organized by me and the various township officials.


29. That I obtained patents that I use in my personal business as "payola" because I am clearly not smart enough to have earned them. 


30. That I am the leader of a local HATE GROUP.


31. That I am "bribing the school board" to get them to change the name of Romeo High School to Washington High School.  I have never attempted to do so, have never asked them to do so, and would not have the authority.  It is sophmoric to suggest that I would have time to focus on such childish nonsense.


32. That I faked having cancer. 


33. That I am a "bully". 


34. That I named a street after an alleged lover (the street was actually in place before I was even in office). 


You can probably list lies you have heard yourself that I have not heard.    


Clearly the promise by the develper and politican was delivered on.  They have done much to destroy my reputation.  It has harmed me and my loved ones.  As the FBI investigation expands, the truth should become clear.  I believe that, for now, the people of Washington Township have already figured out the truth.  I and my outstanding board are still standing and will CONTINUE to serve you despite everything this corrupt group and their minions throw at us.


There is more to come as I am able to release information.