My Vision

Government has been executed so poorly and corruptly for so long that we've all learned to characterize it as evil.  I have a different perspective.  LIMITED, ETHICAL, PROPERLY RUN government is NOTevil.  

Government is nothing more than you and I agreeing that there are some very limited things we can do better together than we do apart.  You don't need me to tell you how to worship your God.  You don't need me to tell you who to make love to.  You don't need me to tell you how to raise your children, or where to live, or how to spend your money.  However, if you want a road so that you can get to work, you need to cooperate with other citizens to make that happen.  If you want to have a safe community, you need to cooperate with other citizens to create fire and police services.  Government, in that case, is not evil.  It is simply US working together and appointing one of us to execute the plan.

Unfortunately, corruption, arrogance, innefficiency, scope-creep and similar flaws have made us all lose our trust.  Politicians talk tough about cutting costs while piling up multiple government retirement packages from different levels of government for themselves.  They do not subject themselves to the same things they demand from their employees.  They take favors.  If you have watched what my team and I have done in Washington Township, you know we've tried to be different.  We've shown that government can be done PROPERLY.   

I commit to you that I will follow these key principles:

Pursue Township Fiscal Health and Responsibility     

  • Government should focus only on core services and avoid "scope creep" that results in higher taxes and loss of liberty

  • Manage so that millage rates are generally lower than peer towns

  • Ensure employee and management pay reflects the private sector

  • Build amenities for taxpayers, not bureacracies and large staffs


Service and infrastructure       

  • Cooperate with the County when strategic to bring roads up to levels needed by the growing community

  • Add investments that improve services or decrease future costs

  • Ensure our sewer system has integrity and low risk of failure

  • Ensure water delivery is pure and clean


Responsible community planning 

  • Ensure development plans attract business to keep resident taxes low and bring in amenities

  • Don't violate proper residential planning process via consent judgments

  • Only do rezonings consistent with the Master Plan

  • Have a balanced Master Plan that avoids excessive expansion

  • Appoint persons to planning committees that respect the community



  • Only one set of rules for all people

  • No gifts or favors to be received by township employees

  • Fierce, blunt honesty in communications


I will always operate within these guiding principles.