Your Assistance is Greatly Appreciated

Organizing a campaign requires much assistance.  If you support what we have been doing, you can help in a variety of ways:


  • Forward emails we send to you to your email list
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about our efforts
  • Volunteer to coordinate or help at a fundraiser
  • Offer to hold a meet and greet at your home or business
  • Put up a sign on the lawn of your home or business
  • Agree to knock on doors to hand out literature
  • Deliver flyers to newspaper boxes
  • Agree to make phone calls
  • Agree to send letters to friends and family
  • Write lettes to the editor in support of our efforts
  • Communicate on social media
  • Wear our buttons or t-shirts or put a bumper sticker on your vehicle
  • Hand out flyers at the polls
  • Offer your prayers
  • Voting
  • Offering financial support


If you would like to help, please email with your name, email and phone number and you will be contacted.  



Financial Support


It costs a great deal to successfully run for public office.  Newspaper ads, websites, flyers, mailings, signs, buttons, stickers and balloons all cost money.  It helps to have friends willing to share the cost.


If you are willing, please send your contributions (no cash) to:


Committee to Elect Dan O'Leary  

60148 Miriam Drive

Washington, Michigan 48094


If your cumulative contributions to my campaign are over $100, please include a note with your name, address, occupation, employer and address of your business (due to federal law).  Please note that contributions by individuals are limited to $500.    


Contributions are NOT tax deductible.


Please note that the CTE Dan O'Leary reserves the right to return any contribution which we deem to create a conflict of interest or other such challenge.  That does not diminish the importance of your allegiance and moral support. 


Thank you for your support.