Service and Infrastructure Improvements Made

Anyone can cut budgets.  Improving service while doing so is more difficult.  We’ve done the following:


  • Built a new, state-of-the-art fire headquarters

  • Paved Mound Road between 28 and 29 Mile Roads

  • Repaved Van Dyke between 26 Mile and West, adding drainage, curbing and sidewalks as well as a left turn lane.

  • Paved Jewell Road between 27 Mile and 28 Mile

  • Repaved Van Dyke between West and Campground for repaving, a left hand turn lane, curbs, sidewalks and drainage

  • Paved 30 Mile east of M53 and Powell running north of 30 Mile.

  • Limestoned 30 miles of dirt roads

  • Obtained a crosswalk by Washington elementary

  • Increased the product volume per mile for dust control on roads

  • Repaved the Applewood Valley subdivision in an SAD well below budget and helped other neighborhoods with SADs.

  • Replaced the entire aging ambulance fleet and added a new water tanker truck and engine

  • Increased police presence by 8 deputies

  • Added a school deputy to help with safety and order for kids

  • Acquired many acres of potential park land, eclipsing prior levels of township owned land

  • Built a state of the art video production studio and expanded ways to watch local programming by adding AT&T to Comcast and also adding both on demand and real time on line airing of materials.

  • Replaced failed remote  water meter reading units with improved tools providing safer service and better data to our customers

  • Constructed a water storage facility to reduce resident costs charged by the Detroit Water Department

  • Designed and permitted a north end sewer plant to generate economic development and avert annexation

  • Refurbished aging and compromised sewer lines and built several miles of new water mains (economic development and fire protection value)

  • Created a sidewalk master plan and began adding substantial pathways throughout town

  • Added full time firemen 

  • Reduced ISO insurance ratings dramatically causing reduced insurance costs and reflecting improved safety.

  • Acquired two parcels for future parking lots in the Village District and constructed one lot already.

  • Refused to approve ANY residential developments that were inconsistent with the long time Master Plan.

  • Successfully fought the Composting Facility that would jeopardize property values on the North end.

  • And much more.....

Hopefully, if you have been watching these last 10 years, you have seen us improve our wonderful community and make it a better, safer place to live.