Improving Your Roads

What This Administration Has Done for You

Unlike villages and cities, townships do not own roads or receive any gas tax used for roads.  Counties own the roads and collect the taxes for them from the State.  However, Washington chooses to share the cost of roads with the County to encourage them to spend their limited road funds in our town.  This has brought in millions of dollars in County matching funds to do the following:

  • Re-surfaced Mound between West and 28 Mile (2010)

  • Paved Jewell Road (2012)

  • Widened/paved Van Dyke from 26 to West, adding curbs, drainage and sidewalks (2013)

  • Paved Mound Road between 28 and 29 Mile (2014)

  • Widened/paved Van Dyke from West to Campground adding curbs, drainage and sidewalks (2016)

  • Paved 30 Mile east of M53 and Powell going north from 30 Mile.
  • Limestoned over 30 miles of gravel roads (2009 to current)

  • Installed a cross walk by Washington Elementary

  • Increased dust control applications and increase gallons of material applied per mile.

  • Entered into Special Assessment Districts with several associations to help them finance the paving or repaving of their neighborhood roads.

There is much more work to be done.  We will continue to work with the County to improve road safety for our residents.



Who is Responsible for Roads in our Township?

The STATE is responsible for raising money for government owned roads under our laws.  They then have a formula to allocate the taxes they collect down to County, City and Village governments to use on roads.  Note that NONE of those tax dollars are sent to Townships.  Under State law, Townships do not own ANY roads, do not have jurisdiction or authority over ANY roads and receive absolutely NO tax money for roads. 

The County has jurisdiction over roads that are located in a Township.  The only exception are private roads that are paid for by residents (not the government) located on that road.  You can distinguish between private roads and County roads in Washington by their color sign.  County roads have greens signs and privately paid for roads have blue signs.  

Though Townships are not responsible for roads, we know we have freed some dollars up from our General Fund budget to do the improvements listed above out of sheer necessity.  Those improvements focus on major roads vs subdivision roads because we have to focus where there is value to the most residents.

Residents wishing to see improvements in their neighborhood roads do not receive County assistance if it is a privately funded road.  Even if it is a County funded road, assistance is rare since there is barely sufficient road money to cover major roads.  However, under certain circumstances, the township may be willing to consider fronting the money for the owners of a private road or the occupants of a County neighborhood road.  We then let the neighbors pay the Township back over time through what is called a Special Assessment District (SAD).  Contact us for more info.

Note that it doesn't matter whether the neighbors are subject to a homeowners association or not.  They may still qualify for an SAD.