How Police Protection Works in Washington


Washington levies up to 2 mils on real and personal property for police.

It applies to taxable value (generally half of real value).

The millage brings in roughly $2m per year.

The funds are used to staff 14 deputies from the Sheriff’s Dept.  We also use funds to place a deputy in the Romeo Community Schools for the safety of our children.


Why Have a Contract if we have a County Sheriff?

MCSD is responsible for a jail and “emergency response”. 

2 roving MCSD cars patrol north of 26 mile from far east Macomb County to far West.

True road patrol and crime deterrence requires a greater presence.

Most towns south of Hall provide this via a local police department.

Northern towns typically contract with the Sheriff, have a local PD, or have nothing.

Contracting with the Sheriff is the most cost effective approach.

Towns using the sheriff cost a fraction of the cost of those that have their own departments.

Economies of scale and unlimited back up are key factors that make MCSD a great option.


What Does Our $2 million get us?

It takes 4.2 deputies to have ONE deputy around the clock.

Our 14 deputies get us, roughly, 3.5 at a time.

We get substantial services in addition to the road patrol including:




special events,

multiple special crimes teams

admin - insurance, training, vehicles, collective bargaining, etc.


How Do We Compare to Standards?

National standards are 2.4 cops per 1,000 residents.


We operate lower than that due to the rural nature of our area, the low crime, low commercial enterprises and the fact that a significant part of our town is the Metropark which has its own internal police.  Plus, our 14 deputies have an unlimited back up in the Macomb County Sheriff's department.  Overall, we and the County Sheriff believe we are properly staffed.