How Local Taxes Work In Washington Township



How Funded

Annual Rev



Pays for contract with County Sheriff

2 Mils on all real and personal property (Washington only)

$2 mm taxes

Managed by the township board


Emergency service (Washington only)

Voters approved 5 Mils on real property in Washington only. We levy < 4.

$4 mm taxes

$0.4 mm transport fees

Managed by the township board

Water and Sewer

Pay Detroit and Macomb County for use of their systems; fund local infrastructure.

Fees charged directly to connected customers. No taxes are used and no fees are charged to non-customers.

$5 mm fees

Managed by the township board


Ensures construction is done according to building code for Washington only.

Permit fees. No taxes are used.

$0.5 mm

Managed by the township board


Fund two libraries owned jointly with Romeo and Bruce.

1.2 mil on real and personal property in the 3 towns.

$2 mm

Managed by a 6 person panel (2 appointed by each town’s board)

Star, Park & Recreation

Fund senior, youth and other programs for Bruce, Romeo and Washington.

Paid for by 1 mil collected thru Bruce and Washington on all real and personal property.

$1.8 mm

Managed by a panel appointed by Bruce’s and Washington’s boards

General Fund

All other local functions including zoning, ordinance enforcement, cable operations, contributions to county road projects, cemetery care, tax collection, accounting, and property assessment (last item includes Southern Romeo)

Paid for by several sources including .62 mils on real and personal property in Washington and Southern Romeo, State sales tax sharing, cable franchise fees, other fees and interest on savings.

$0.8 mm taxes

$1.5 mm Rev Sharing

$0.3 cable fees

$0.5 misc

Managed by the township board.


Note that the vast majority of your property tax bill is collected for other governmental units like the Romeo Community Schools, Metro parks, and Macomb County. These taxes, which are outside of our control, total 21 mils if you have a homestead exemption and 39 mils without. We have no place in managing these operations, their budgets, or their boards.  

Our board manages 8 mils (General Fund, Fire and Ambulance, Police, Library and Park Rec/Star). For these services, this is favorable vs Chesterfield, Bruce, Shelby, Clinton and Romeo. Our rates are higher than Macomb (which operates a primarily paid on call fire department) and Ray (which has no police).  The parts of your local government controlled by the Washington Township Board have amongst the lowest millage rates in Macomb County!